45DL7R122 -Dual 12″ Ported Enclosure 1200 Watts RMS

45DL7R122 -Dual 12″ Ported Enclosure 1200 Watts RMS

Dual 12″ Solo-Baric L7R 2 Ohm Enclosure

The massive power handling of the dual L7R sub box only gets better with square subs! Packed with KICKER innovation, you get up to 20% more volume compared to a round driver, so you move more air and get more bass without the expense of a custom box.

Hook up a KX amp to this bass wedge to start Livin’ Loud!


Genuine L7R Subwoofer Included
Front-Facing Port Design for loudest possible bass
Angled Back for Excellent Fit
Heavy Internal Bracing makes is last for years
Single 2-Ohm Terminal for quick installation
Easy to Install and Wire
Thick Black Carpeting to handle bumps and scrapes
Aesthetically pleasing Rounded Corners
Embroidered KICKER Logo
Thick MDF Construction
*The powerful L7R 12-Inch Dual Subwoofer Enclosure works best with 1,200 watts of recommended power. See below for more detai