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Polk is a brand known for their speakers and sub woofers, but also produces amps and head units and, more recently, has also developed a market in smart speakers. Born in 1972 after a group of 3 university friends designed a sound system for a local music festival and realised the business into a worldwide dealer network, Polk has grown in Brand and in product.

Polk Audio • Polk

Initiating the springboard of the business in professional high-quality studio-grade audio equipment, Polk turned to home audio equipment and was building a name for itself in the world of the audiophile. Now part of parent company Sound United which owns Polk Audio, Definitive Technology and Boston Acoustics, Denon and Marantz, Polk speakers are considered great value, with a great cost to quality ratio to rival that of brands like Bose and Klipsch.

Polk has a dedicated Audio and Acoustics Research and Development Centre based in San Diego, work from which is still used in today’s speaker range. Polk developed a sound quality system based on speaker arrays called Stereo Dimensional Array, to cancel the interference from speaker to ear in stereo sound reproduction, which is a great example of the attention to detail they display.

For products, well, if it’s Co-axial, marine grade, round or oval, Polk speakers will blow you away with a rare brightness and depth of sound. Their subs go up to Double voice coil, up to 12 inches, with output of up to 720 Watts: Whatever your envisaged audio set up, Newcastle Car Audio can fit it into your vehicle.

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Polk Audio • Polk