Smartphone Connection

We can advise you on what apps are best to use, and we can set them up for you so that you have everything you need

Unless you have the latest Double DIN multimedia infotainment head unit, your car will not automatically be connected to everything the internet can offer in terms of music and video for your journey.

Smartphone Connection Services - Newcastle Car Audio & 4x4

One way to get around this problem is to connect your mobile phone to your car stereo. Of course, this can be done with a simple aux cable, but if you want to drive legally, cannot go searching through your phone whilst driving.

That’s where Newcastle Car Audio & 4×4 can help. We offer a service whereby we can seamlessly connect your mobile phone to your car stereo using Bluetooth Technology. We can take the tech-sting out of the process and set up Android, iPhone, and other systems for you.

Searching through the myriad of GPS options out there is daunting, deciding between feature types such as these can feel like a mine field: