Dashcam Installation

Dashcams are more than cameras for crashes, they are lifesavers!

Dashcam Installation • Dashcam Installation,Dashcam,Newcastle Car Audio,Car Audio
Dashcam Installation • Dashcam Installation,Dashcam,Newcastle Car Audio,Car Audio

In recent years, dash cams have become a staple for any car owner. Dash cams offer security, protection and satisfaction. They are incredibly useful, can be installed in nearly every vehicle, both domestic and commercial and can be used in all conditions. Newcastle Car Audio & 4×4 are equipped with a large variety of dash cams from various brands. We have the dash cam to suit your budget and style. 

Dashcam Installation - Newcastle Car Audio & 4x4

Why you need a dash cam?

The most common reason for installing a dash cam is to keep track of what’s occurring while you are driving on the road and should you be involved in a collision, you can confirm you part in the incident. 

There are different types of dash cams, depending on your needs and budget. The investment in a parking surveillence dash cam is recommended as it starts recording when motion is detected, not just when you are driving along, meaning you may be able to capture if someone collides with your car on the side of the road and you are not present to witness the incident.

Want a dash cam installed in your car? Newcastle Car Audio & 4×4 can help! We can provide you with genuine advice on the best dash cam for your needs and we can even install it so you can breathe easy and drive safe, knowing your actions and the actions of others on the road are being recorded and saved to protect your safety!